Welcome to the Society for Disability Studies

SDS is a lively scholarly association of more than 400 artists, scholars and activists who promote Disability Studies, recognizing disability as a complex and valuable aspect of human experience. (read more)

Image of Minneapolis at night

Looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis, MN in 2014.

Conference news!

  • People wishing to attend the SDS conference should plan to register on-site. On-site registration opens on Wednesday afternoon, June 11th.
  • The complete schedule for SDS 2014 in Minneapolis, June 11-14, 2014, is available for download.
  • Please bear in mind SDS Guidelines for Accessible Presentations. Support the efforts of captioners and ASL interpreters: by Wednesday, June 4th please send presentation materials (even rough will do) to info@disstudies.org. Name the file with your last name and session number (example: Smith_14B.doc ). Materials are for prep purposes only, need not be perfect, and will not be shared. THANKS!
  • Other tips:
    1. Projectors & Computers? While there will be projectors set up in every one of the 7 session rooms, we will NOT provide computers. You or someone on your panel will need to assure a laptop if you intend to use a computer in anyway.
    2. Internet connections? Do NOT rely on internet connections for your presentations. Create a more physical approach to any internet material. We can not guarantee good internet connection in any of the hotel's meeting rooms (this is common with hotels) and even if there is one, it is quite possible it will be very slow--and create problems with playing videos from the internet.
    3. Not attending? Please kindly let your fellow panelists know if you must, at the last minute, drop out of attending SDS for any reason. (Also kindly let the Program Chairs know). Your conference registration fee cannot be refunded at this late date.