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CFP – SDS Strand – OSU 2018

SDS Strand Call for Proposals -- Due date extended to December 12, 2017
Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability
Conference in Columbus, Ohio, April 17-18, 2018

The Society for Disability Studies (SDS) is pleased to join with The Ohio State University in organizing an SDS Strand at OSU’s Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability Conference. Generously funded by The Ohio State University and the Ethel Louise Armstrong Endowment, the Conference is characterized by a diverse audience and convened to expand perspectives on disability and enhance community resources.

The Society for Disability Studies Strand

SDS Strand events will be open to all to attend but will be arranged, proposed, peer-reviewed, and presented only by SDS Members. For information about becoming an SDS Member or renewing for 2018, please visit Membership.

SDS Strand Theme: “What We Know about Disability Studies in Community”

The SDS Strand aims to build on this year’s Multiple Perspectives Conference theme, “What I Know,” based on a quotation from R. D. Laing:

If I don't know I don't know, I think I know.
If I don't know I know, I think I don't know.

In our Strand, SDS invites you to explore past, present, and future directions of Disability Studies in the context of Community. The Society for Disability Studies is at a transformational moment as an organization and a community as we strive to forge strong alliances and networks and create new ways to gather together and share our work. We seek opportunities to develop knowledge, theory, and practices that augment accessibility, promote the field of Disability Studies, and advocate for balanced community development that spans micro to macro contexts. Disability Studies exists in community, it seeks to study community, it must respond to community, and it can develop community as long as we are clear about and we share what we know, what we think we know, and what we recognize that we don’t know.

Topics to explore under the SDS Strand theme might include:

  • What contributions do academic Disability Studies insights make to what becomes public knowledge about disability?
  • How should Disability Studies researchers and organizations reach out to, engage with, and be responsive to diverse audiences and communities?
  • Where has academic Disability Studies not yet fulfilled its promise to enhance perspectives in other disciplines, the arts, and social movements?
  • Who are we as a Disability Studies community?

We welcome proposals in all areas of Disability Studies, but especially those submissions premised on the SDS Strand theme, and preference will be given to proposals that encourage discussions across the typical social, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries; connect individuals to local, national, or international communities; or consider parallels, distinctions, and intersections with race, gender, and ethnicity.

The Society for Disability Studies Strand will be a series of 90-minute sessions with presentations in any format: Individual Papers, Organized Panels of 3-5 papers, Discussions, Workshops, Performances, Art Events, Films, etc., Posters, and New Books/Work Display.

Student Posters submitted through SDS will be part of the Multiple Perspectives Conference Poster Competition and eligible for prizes. (Graduate Research $500, Undergraduate Research $200, Art & Performance $200, and Class Projects $200). To see the general Call for Proposals for the 2018 OSU Multiple Perspectives Conference and the Call for Proposals and instructions for the Student Poster Competition, please visit the  Facebook event page

The conference fees will be waived and lunch provided for SDS Strand and other Multiple Perspectives presenters. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging.


In keeping with the philosophy of SDS, we ask that presenters attend carefully to the accessibility of their presentations. Please bear in mind the diversity of our Membership and your audience. Suggestions for ensuring that your presentation is as inclusive and accessible as possible can be found on the SDS website.

Update on Accessibility Information for the OSU Multiple Perspectives Conference 2018

The Multiple Perspectives Conference will have ASL interpretation, CART captioning, audio description, and other accommodations available to any participant who needs it. The registration form for the conference will ask about access and dietary needs. There will be designated quiet space and the campus bus system is accessible.

The Conference organizers work with presenters to ensure that any materials used are accessible. We encourage those who write their papers for presentation to make copies available.

Submission Instructions

The deadline for SDS Strand proposals is extended until December 12, 2017.
Student Poster Submissions accepted until March 15, 2018. 

Send Submissions by email as attachments in DOC, TXT, or RTF formats to: Joanne Woiak, SDS Program Committee: joanne [at] disstudies [dot] org. Please put “SDS OSU 2018” and your name in the subject line.

Please note:

You will receive immediate confirmation that your proposal was received. We will then notify you of the status of your proposal as soon as possible in January 2018.

Each submission must consist of a completed Submission Template document attached to an email. On the Submission Template, you will provide contact information for all presenters, a presentation summary, and an abstract of 300 words maximum with title. Organized Panel submissions or other collections of multiple works require BOTH a 300-word proposal describing the whole event AND a 300-word abstract for each paper or discrete part (for example, 3 short films). For any unusual format please state how much time you need and how you will use the time. A session is a maximum of 90 minutes.

Please use the fill-in-the-blank Submission Template found below or provide the same information in a format that better suits your proposal, possibly including multi-media items as part of your abstract.

Submission Agreement

By submitting to the SDS Strand at OSU’s 2018 Multiple Perspectives Conference, you give the Society for Disability Studies and The Ohio State University permission to publish your abstracts, photograph you, publish such photographs, audio or video record your presentation, transcribe the presentation for access needs, and transmit or post and archive such recordings and transcriptions. If submitting on behalf of multiple presenters and authors, you certify that each presenter and author has granted his/her permission to SDS and OSU for purposes described in this paragraph.

Submission Template: SDS Strand Presentations

Please download your choice of format below: