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2016 Board Elections

Voting has closed. Congratulations to the 5 newly elected directors!

It is time for annual elections to the SDS Board of Directors! Five positions will be elected for terms that begin in August 2016. We are thrilled at the outpouring of interest in filling these seats, resulting in a larger than usual number of nominees. Your participation in the voting process is vital.


  • Review the statements of individual candidates by clicking on a name below. Or to download all the statements, click here for Word document or click here for PDF.
  • Please vote for five candidates. The minimum number of candidates you may vote for is one.
  • Please bear in mind that SDS has great need at this time for Board members who have fundraising and development experience, and who have strong leadership qualifications or experiences.
  • A link to each candidate’s email address is at the end of their statement. You are encouraged to use the SDS listserv for further discussion of our shared future as an organization.
  • Voting will close on July 31, 2016.

eligibility to vote:

  • If you are a current 2016 member, if you were a 2015 member, or if you want to be a (new) 2017 member, vote now. The SDS Executive Office will send you the appropriate membership forms and 2017 payment instructions. Dues for the remainder of 2016 are $0 to people who intend to be 2017 paid members.

  • Telory Davies Arendell
  • Jenifer L. Barclay
  • Joseph Barry
  • Maddalena Botta
  • Brenda Brueggermann*
  • Kate Caldwell*
  • Anita Ghai*
  • Carol Goldin*
  • Bill Hefley*
  • Romel L. Mackelprang
  • Jephias Mapuva
  • Karen Nakamura
  • Holly Pearson
  • Washington Oplyo Sati
  • Armineh Soorenian
  • Alice Wexler
  • Stephanie Wheeler

* Elected