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Year-End Giving Campaign and 2021 Membership

The Society for Disability Studies Board of Directors and Executive Office are delighted to launch our 2021 Membership and Donation Campaign. IT'S ON US!

No one else enlivens SDS, strengthens the place of disability studies in progressive academia and across multiple disciplines, and embeds disability rights and social justice in our lives like we can. IT'S ON US—all of us—to build the SDS membership so that it truly reflects the diversity of disability experience, theory, and innovation. IT'S ON US to model what it means to commit to not only a topic of study, but to an aspect of social and cultural life not noted for its wealth or influence. IT'S ON US to affirm "Nothing About Us Without Us."

Realizing that IT'S ON US, the SDS Board is starting the second phase of the life of our maturing organization. We will not complete this fundraising campaign with members alone, but ITS 'ON US to start. We offer several categories of membership as well as options for making tax-deductible donations beyond your annual dues payment. Consider making a generous 2021 year-end contribution to the general fund or target your donation to specific uses such as the Disability Studies Quarterly journal, accommodations, and subsidized low and fixed-income memberships.

Please share the  flyer to share page  or download sds-its-on-us-flyer(PDF) with your networks—encourage your colleagues, students, friends, and organizations to join and support SDS at this time.

The simplest and quickest way to pay your dues and donate for organizations or individuals is online. Please also complete the online Membership Database Survey so that we can alert members to opportunities available to you and collect information for SDS development purposes.

Susan Fitzmaurice and Devva Kasnitz at the Executive Office will be happy to answer any questions. The Membership forms for individuals and organizations are also attached to this message and available on request from devva [at] disstudies [dot] org.

IT’S ON US to use every resource we can gather for both our short and long term satisfaction and growth.

Now is the time to act!

Thank you for your continuing enthusiasm and support for OUR Society for Disability Studies.