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SDS Membership Drive Overall Description

Dear Disability Scholars and Advocates,

The Society for Disability Studies is conducting its 2021 membership drive. We're excited to continue moving forward with new programming and to have the opportunity to co-conference again in April 2021 with the Ohio State University's Multiple Perspectives Conference!

Match Pledge Drive Extended!

We currently have a challenge donation: a generous sponsor has agreed to match every dollar you give or pledge to give to the Society for Disability Studies up to $10,000  D from today until December 26, 2020!  This is a wonderful opportunity to renew your SDS membership for 2021, become a new or returning member, or make a donation or pledge now.


Your SDS membership dues and donations support our renowned journal Disability Studies Quarterly, edited by Brenda Brueggemann and Elizabeth Brewer Olson. SDS hosts a members-only listserv for discussions and announcements and a membership directory, as well as a website in the most accessible format available. We'll be adding new content and resources to the website soon, thanks to our Membership Committee.

We will again have a strong official SDS presence in Columbus at the OSU Multiple Perspectives Conference in April 2021, including two extra days of SDS Membership events on the weekend. We're grateful to the OSU Department of English for sponsoring Saturday morning workshops, the SDS Dance, and the keynote lecture by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha! Can't wait to see you there!

We have various benefits of Membership and NEW programming in the works for 2019-2020. SDS members are once again organizing a strand of disability studies sessions and an SDS Town Hall at the March 2021 Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) conference. A benefit to SDS members is that we receive reduced-rate registration at the SfAA conference. SDS members also have a prominent presence at the conference of the American Educational Studies Association (AESA).

We will make use of our electronic infrastructure to host virtual and multi-modal Membership events such as a DSQ Forum and webinars focused on graduate student professional development and strategies for establishing disability studies programs and courses. Board member Patrick Devlieger is spearheading SDS collaborations with other disability research organizations such as the AfriNEAD Network and the ALTER European Society for Disability Research. As a Member, you can be part of prioritizing and implementing this planning.

Technical Bits

Our membership database system (Wild Apricot) tracks Memberships by email address. To Renew, please login first with the same email you used to join, go to your profile, and find the "RENEW" BUTTON. While there, please update your Profile. You can alternatively create a new Profile if you use the “JOIN” button with a new email address.

If you are changing your Membership Level, such as student to professional, please contact us. Wild Apricot wants its parents to do that manually. We are trying to teach it that it can do that independently, but it keeps talking about interdependence! You can be interdependent with Devva and just drop me a note and I will get Wild Apricot to understand. Contact SDSKasnitz [at] gmail [dot] com.

Membership Specials

We have worked out a group of **SPECIALS** we hope you find welcome. Our Membership year is the calendar year.

1) Current Individual Members
can renew at any time between now and February 1, 2020, with no lapse in Member Benefits for the same dues as 2019.

2) Prior Individual Members will receive an individual email inviting them to rejoin now and have their Membership active from now through 12/31/20.

3) Lifetime Members receive all the benefits of individual membership for life. We encourage you to consider becoming a Lifetime Member now, at the 2019 dues level.

4) Group or Organizational Memberships have now been extended to three kinds:

• Disability Studies Organizational Members. New and renewing organizations can receive up to 5 extra “Sponsored Memberships” covering from now through 12/31/20. This is a great way for disability studies academic faculty, programs, and advocacy organizations to support both their constituents (especially students) and SDS! Please help promote this opportunity with your school or organization directors.

• Affiliate Group Members.
This category of group membership is open to any organization that wants to strengthen its connections to SDS, such as disability studies or disability advocacy groups, research institutes, independent living centers, international groups, small disability industry entities, or governmental entities. Each group designates one Sponsored Member, and dues are negotiable according to your annual budget.

• Sustaining Group Members. Groups with large budgets and the capacity to help sustain SDS may, for this year only, negotiate up to 15 extra designated Sponsored Memberships for individuals in your group.

This is just an overview of the 2020 SDS membership categories. Details and membership forms can be found on our website ( Please email us at sds [at] disstudies [dot] org with any questions or requests. May we remind you that no one will be turned away for inability to pay dues? We look forward to your participation in growing SDS’s advocacy and scholarly mission.


Joanne Woiak, President
Devva Kasnitz and Susan Fitzmaurice, Executive Office
sds [at] disstudies [dot] org; SDSKasnitz [at] gmail [dot] com