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2021 Board Nominations Sought

Dear SDS Members,

We take nominations for the Society for Disability Studies Board of Directors annually in the Spring. 

Members of the Board serve for three years, with the possibility of running for a second term. Because many of our members are impacted by the Coronavirus and have a variety of new responsibilities and increased vulnerability, the nomination deadline to offer more time for folks to submit. Names of nominees and candidate statements are due April 1, 2021.

We have over 700 active members. A total of 389 people participated in SDS@OSU 2020, our first online conference. We know our organization is important to the field, to the community, and to you. Now is the time to think carefully about who we want to step into a leadership role, contributing to shaping and sustaining SDS.

SDS is committed to diverse representation in its membership and Board composition, and candidates from all under-represented groups are encouraged to volunteer. We provide any requested access accommodations so that Board members can fully participate.

Board members can expect to:

  • Attend a monthly, 90-minute meeting via teleconference call or chat (note: CART is provided for all of our meetings).
  • Consider carefully and approve annual budgets and measures to ensure the sustainability of SDS.
  • Participate in Board discussions by offering expertise and opinions via e-mail and/or phone/chat.
  • Consider carefully and vote on motions.
  • Serve as an officer or as a committee Chair or Co-Chair.
  • Serve on 1-2 additional Board committees or initiatives.

Board Committees include:

    • Program
    • Nominations & Awards
    • Policy & Publications
    • Membership
    • Development

To self-nominate, each candidate provides an up to 500-word (max) statement addressing their connection/familiarity with SDS and disability studies, specific background, experience, and contributions you would bring as a Board member, including knowledge of fundraising and ways you could further work on specific committees; and ideas about where you imagine SDS going.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about being on the Board, the nominations process, or the election. Expect that we may reach out to nominees before the election to ensure that you feel your personal statements fully communicate what you offer the organization. We very much look forward to hearing from you.


Vandana Chaudhry and Suzanne Stolz, SDS Nomination Committee

Joanne Woiak, President, Devva Kasnitz, Executive Director