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SDS Committeess

Volunteering to serve on an SDS committee is a great way to see whether you would enjoy serving the SDS Board of Directors.

Nominations and Awards Committee

Solicit candidates for Board election; solicit nominees for awards & shephard processes; recruit volunteers for committees

Karen Nakamura, Chair
Mallory Nelson

Finance and Operations Committee

Carol Goldin, Chair
Phil Smith
Joanne Woiak
Devva Kasnitz

Fundraising and Development Committee

Strategic planning; manage fundraising efforts and outreach for support; pursue grant and fundraising opportunities.

Phil Smith
Frank Wyman
Nicole Eugene
Brenda Brueggemann

Membership Committee

Promotes new membership (outreach) and communicates with existing membership (inreach).

Joanne Woiak, Co-Chair
Frank Wyan, Co-Chair
Anita Ghai
Ryan Perry
Alison Carey
Andrew Harnish
Brenda Brueggemann

Programming Committee

Scope: plan annual conference; other program activities; coordinate with other DS & activist organizations.

Liz Lewis, Chair
Joanne Woiak
Mallory Nelson

Policy Committee

Inform the Board of relevant public issues relevant to people with disabilities that may require action on behalf of the Society, and assist in drafting statements supporting actions that promote the interests of disability advocacy and policy.

Phil Smith, Co-Chair
KAte Caldwell, Co-Chair

Research and Publications Committee

Develop scholarly publications and budget for them; seek to encourage the development of scholarly research of concern to people with disabilities.

Kate Caldwell