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SDS Documentation

Articles of Incorporation

Download SDS_Articles_of_Incorporation(PDF)


Download the SDS-Bylaws_April22-2016 (1) 2 (PDF)
Download the SDS-Bylaws_April22-2016 (1) (DOC)

Federal and State Tax Filing

Download Complete Return for SDS 990 2015 IRS (PDF)
Download 2015_web_ct-12 SDS COMPLETE(PDF)

Board Meeting Minutes 2015-2016

Click links to download the board meeting minutes (Microsoft Word)

Board Meeting Minutes Previous Years

(Available files can be downloaded below in the future)

  • 2012-13--Word Document | PDF Document
  • 2011-12--Word Document | PDF Document
  • 2010-11--Word Document | PDF Document
  • 2009-10--Word Document | PDF Document