Affiliated Scholar

SDS, AHEAD, and the University at Buffalo Center for Disability Studies support this program that provides independent or unaffiliated scholars, artists, and activists who are currently members of SDS to affiliate with The University at Buffalo (UB) and its Center for Disability Studies (CDS) for one academic year (July 1-June 30).

Affiliated scholars/artists/activists have both on-campus and remote access to the UB library system and the UBCDS for use in disability studies/SDS related activities. Affiliated scholars/artists/activists have the opportunity to make a public presentation of their work on the UB campus. The public presentation will be planned in consultation with Michael Rembis, Director of the Center for Disability Studies at UB; and will occur during the academic school year. SDS, AHEAD, and the UBCDS will pay travel expenses and a modest honorarium.

The SDS Affiliated Scholar will receive one complimentary registration to one annual SDS meeting to present their work. The Affiliated Scholar is eligible to apply for limited travel support to attend SDS.

The Affiliated Scholar will also receive a one-year membership in AHEAD as an Honorary Member.

2015-2016 Affiliated Scholar:
Ryan C. Parrey, Ph.D.

Ryan is a lecturer in disability studies at Eastern Washington University. He received his Ph.D. in Disability Studies from the University of Illinois, Chicago, with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies, in Spring 2014.

Ryan’s dissertation, “Encountering Disability: Orientation, Disorientation, and Ethics,” is a phenomenological analysis of moments in which the meaning of disability, and our relation to it, is an open question. These moments, he argues, are significant not only because they reveal the variety of meanings that disability accrues but also because they offer the possibility of ways of knowing and doing disability. While these encounters have been explored in social psychology as well as anecdotally in scholarly and life-writing, neither the lived experience of disorientation nor its generative potential have been taken up in disability studies.

During his tenure as Affiliated Scholar, Ryan will be working to expand his ongoing research as well as to develop a related project on disability counter narratives.

2014-2015 Affiliated Scholar: Miranda Sue Terry

Miranda Sue Terry is a PhD candidate in Community Health at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with strong interests in women and gender studies, and disability studies.

Terry’s dissertation, “Effects of Abuse on the Health of College Women with Mobility Impairments,” uses a quantitative survey research design to analyze violence against women, specifically focusing on women with disabilities. Women with disabilities, not only experience the three most commonly known types of abuse (emotional, sexual, and physical), but also a unique type of disability-related abuse, which may increase their risk of experiencing acts of violence. To date, adverse health implications have been relatively unexamined among abused women with disabilities making Terry’s dissertation research both timely and invaluable.

During her tenure as Affiliated Scholar, Terry will be working directly with UB faculty and the Family Justice Center located in Buffalo New York to expand her research.

The committee was especially impressed with Terry’s commitment to disability studies and with her clearly articulated plan of research.

The SDS Affiliated Scholar Program is currently suspended.