Tyler Rigg Prize

The Tyler Rigg Prize is awarded annually for the best literary article published in Disability Studies Quarterly(DSQ), the journal of the Society for Disability Studies. The award was established in 2008 through conversations between the Tyler Rigg Foundation and the DSQ Editors at that time, Brenda Brueggemann and Scot Danforth. The first award was made in Spring 2009. The winner is chosen by the editors of DSQ, recognized at the annual SDS conference, and presented with a certificate and a check for $500.

The Tyler Rigg Prize for the best literary article published in an annual year (4 issues) of DSQ is currently underway; an award for the 2015 issue of DSQ is expected to be announced before the end of Summer 2016.

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2015 - Sarah Juliet Lauro and
Lindsay Waggoner Nordan

The winners of the 2015 Tyler Rigg Award for outstanding Disability Studies Scholarship in Literature and Literary Analysis published in DSQ in 2014 (vol 34) are Sarah Juliet Lauro and Lindsay Waggoner Riordan for their article "Into the White: Larry Eigner’s Meta-physical Poetics.”

Working collaboratively and interdisciplinarily, Sarah Juliet Lauro and Lindsay Waggoner Riordan combined their expertise in the disciplines of literature and art history, reading both the words on the page and the page as picture, in a manner that engages specifically with phenomenological philosophy, to explicate how these poems work on the body of the reader.

Dr. Sarah Juliet Lauro is assistant professor of hemispheric literature at the University of Tampa. This piece evolved out of a Master's thesis she wrote at UC Davis in 2006 on the poetics of disability.

Lindsay Waggoner Riordan is a doctoral candidate in the History of Art at Yale University. Her work, including this essay, focuses on materiality and abstraction in twentieth-century art.

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