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As a benefit for members, SDS hosts an e-mail discussion list (also known as LISTSERV) for its members at This list allows members to disseminate news and engage in dialogue regarding disability studies. Members are encouraged to take advantage of electronic communications to discuss topics of immediate interest.


The SDS-discuss list is the member-only discussion avenue for all of SDS’s members. It is a moderated list that attracts national and international members. Members often have the opportunity to submit relevant items of interest such as new position announcements, calls for papers, and conference announcements. Questions or concerns about the listserv can be directed to sds (at) disstudies (dot) org.


The SDS listserv is lively and informative. These guidelines are intended to promote challenging and productive discussions. Some suggestions are practical – such as how to reply to and forward messages – while others are directed toward encouraging newer members of the list to join in the discussion. These guidelines are not intended to stifle discussion or free expression on the SDS list.

The guidelines are fairly simple:

    • Commercial advertisements are not welcome. However, feel free to announce upcoming workshops or informational materials that you think others on the list might find useful. It’s fine to suggest publications, presentations, and activities on the SDS list.
      Avoid sending binaries, attached files, or encoded messages through the list.
    • Include your full name and email address in the body of your message so that individuals can contact you off-list to pursue a particular discussion or to request information that is not of general interest.
    • You can include your affiliation at the bottom of your message, as it is assumed that you are speaking for yourself unless you say otherwise.
    • When responding to list messages, please avoid duplicating the message to which you are replying in your own message.
    • Double-check your subject line to ensure that it accurately reflects the thread you are addressing, and add the name of the person to whom you are responding.
    • If a person has forwarded information from a public source (e.g., a newspaper, a website accessible to the general public, a government announcement) to this listserv, you can pass this on to others. However, please remove the poster’s name, the poster’s personal comments, and the SDS list address from the forwarded message.
    • Comments should be constructive and collegial at all times.
    • The SDS membership is very diverse in terms of experiences, knowledge, and level of comfort around issues related to disability studies. To ensure that all members feel welcome when participating on this list, members should ensure that no one gets “flamed.”
    • Treat communications on this list as you would private conversations. Do not forward or reproduce a message posted on this list without the author’s explicit approval.
      E-mail communications can be misinterpreted. An attempt at humor can be interpreted as a personal attack. If you post something that offends someone when no offense was intended, simply say so.

The email address you used when you joined SDS is the only email address you can use to post to the listserv. If a post is rejected because "you are not a member", check that you are using the correct email address.

The SDS Membership list is a moderated list.  The moderator has the authority to reject posts that are not. The moderator has been instructed by the SDS Board not to censor messages for the opinions expressed therein. If your post is not accepted, you will be informed politely and respectfully.