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Blogs, Yahoo and FB pages

These are the blogs, Yahoo, and Facebook pages of our members, in no particular order.

Beth Haller, Media Dis&Dat

Simi Linton, Disability Culture Watch

Hannah Thompson, Blind Spot

Nate Kogan, The History Channel, This is Not..

Steve Brown, Institute on Disability Culture

Brenda Brueggermann, Aktiont 4 Project

Pamela Block, Pamela Block Disability Studies

Ann Millett-Gallant, Ann Millett-Gallant

Alyssa Hillary, Yes, That Too..

Ashley Volion, On The Cripside

Patricia Dunn,  "Disability-Themed YA Literature: Questioning Our Choices, Questioning Our Questions" and "'Fictional Characters with Disabilities--What Message Do They Send"

Longmore Institute, Disability Remix

Petra Kuppers, The Olimpias Disability Performance Seriesand  Petra Kuppers fiction writing

Naomi Ortiz,  Selfcare for Social Justice

Haillee Gibbons, Disability and Aging

Alicia Spencer-Hall, Medieval, She Wrote

Jason Ross,  Drive Mom Crazy

Meriah Nichols, With a Little Moxie

Emily Ladeu,  Words i Wheel By

Steven Kuusisto, Planet of the Blind

Ruth Harrigan  Wheelie Catholic

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