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Invitation to Speakers and Performers

We invite you to become one of the first SDS speakers & performers on our new roster!

Your roster entry as a someone on the SDS-SPR might include such things as:

  • a brief bio;
  • a link to your more developed website or bio area;
  • a brief list of recent speaking engagements (places and topics)

So, what do you need to do to participate in the sds-spr?

We ask that you contribute a designated portion of your annual speaking/performing honoraria back to SDS, the Society for Disability Studies. We suggest 20% of your speaking or performing fees donated to SDS—or perhaps a more dedicated amount ($100, for example). But we leave it up to you for the contribution amount. (It could be 50%, it could be $1000—whatever seems reasonable for you.)

How do you join the sds-spr?

We are developing a brief application form which will be available for download on this page. Until then, you can simply contact The Executive Offices for the Society for Disability Studies: sds (at) disstudies (dot) org and offer the following:

  • the Roster Bio entry info you would like included
  • Statement of Commitment for 2015, regarding your SDS-SPR contribution

The SDS Speaker & Performer roster will be updated as new performers and speakers sign on. We will ask that you update your Statement of Commitment each year (in January).