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2007 – 2008 Board of Directors

The board of directors of SDS is comprised of dedicated member representatives who oversee the running of the organization. Elected by SDS’s membership, the board includes faculty members and a student representative. The listing below provides the names and positions of the 2007-08.

SDS Board Officers

  • Elaine Gerber, President
  • R. Noam Ostrander, Vice President
  • Susan Burch, Secretary
  • Celestine Willis, Treasurer

SDS Board of Directors

  • Pamela Block
  • Michelle Friedner
  • Alberto Guzman, student representative
  • Kristen Harmon
  • Bruce Henderson
  • Alison Kafer
  • Petra Kuppers
  • Christine Komoroski-McCohnell
  • Anna Mollow
  • Santiago Solis
  • Frank Wyman (joined to complete term)

SDS Executive Officers

  • William Ebenstein
  • Chris Rosa

DSQ Editors

  • Brenda Brueggeman
  • Steve Kuusisto
  • Scott Danforth