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2022 Call for Papers

The Society for Disability Studies is excited to announce that the 2022 annual conference will be held virtually, in co-conferencing partnership with The Ohio State University’s Multiple Perspectives Conference. Tentative conference dates are April 9th-12th, 2022. Proposal Submissions are now closed.

Call for Papers

Conference Theme: Rededicating Disability Studies: Shaping the Next Generation of SDS

The 2022 annual Society for Disability Studies Conference, in partnership with The Ohio State University’s Multiple Perspectives Conference, hopes to build on the momentum from the diversity of attendees and presentations at the virtual 2021 conference, which asked us to examine “not only our struggles, but also the possibilities already blossoming in the present, and cocoon each other with love, compassion, and fresh air.” This historical moment is an opportunity to build systems that realize the full potential of disabled people and their communities, as we move towards the reimagining and creation of resilient and sustainable communities. How can our efforts utilize disability justice?—centering collective access, interdependence, and intersectionality, while also maintaining a commitment to individual, financial, cultural, and disability-related access as additional and necessary considerations? What are ways that SDS can grow, inclusive of the broad range of members, highlighting the unique and necessary contributions from both community and academic spaces, while we also work to decenter normative orientations to the liberal nation state as arbiter of just futures?

What does it mean to do disability studies now in an ever more interconnected world, where leaders in disability arts, disability activism, and disability justice create their own platforms and publics? What does it mean to do disability studies now, recognizing past harms perpetrated in our name? What does it mean to do disability studies now, without privileging Global North as its epistemological center?

Furthermore, in recognition that the Society for Disability Studies has often acted as a de facto international organization, while foregrounding the epistemic, political concerns of North American disability studies, the 2022 program committee seeks to rededicate the SDS conference as a meeting place for transnational conversations. In this spirit, SDS is launching a new, collaborative relationship with Japan Society for Disability Studies (JSDS), recognized at the 2022 conference with a Keynote Panel featuring JSDS board members. Moreover, in order to highlight the dynamic, manifold iterations of disability studies unfolding across geopolitical and linguistic boundaries, the SDS 2022 conference will feature a Global Disability Studies strand to foreground transnational conversations. A caucus for international members of SDS will also be created within the conference programming. It is important to note that these efforts to expand the scope of the conference beyond the United States and North America are not meant to segregate the work of international scholars, but to highlight it and deliberately give it a platform at SDS@OSU.

We welcome proposals in all areas of disability studies, but especially those submissions premised on the SDS@OSU theme. We strongly encourage submitters to collaborate as a form of community care during these times, and to propose works in progress. We typically accept only one presentation per person as lead author, but additional submissions may be considered.

SDS Contact Information

If you have questions about the conference structure or content, or would like assistance with your submission, please contact the Program Chairs, Emily Nusbaum and Joseph Stramondo:

Proposal and submission details

There are three (3) types of proposal submissions for the 2022 SDS conference. Please choose the one that best fits the work you want to bring to our virtual space next spring.* Session formats will be 90 minutes. Global Disability Studies strand proposals should be submitted under the appropriate link below.

Individual presentations:  Submit your Individual Presentation (Link to Google Form)  Opens in a new window or SDS@OSU 2022 Individual Presentation Submission Form – Word

Group presentations (panels, discussion groups, etc. of not more than 6 participants) should use the following link for proposal submission: Submit your Group Presentation (Link to Google Form) Opens in a new window or SDS@OSU 2022 Group Session Submission Form – Word

Artistic performances of various kinds (e.g. poetry readings, performance, film, etc.) should use the following link for proposal submission: Submit your Artistic Performance (Link to Google Form) Opens in a new window or SDS@OSU 2022 Artistic Performance Submission Form – Word

To Submit

Presentation proposals are due January 7, 2022.

Submit your proposal using the links above. Be sure to use the link for the type of presentation that you want to propose. Alternatively, you can download a form for the type of presentation that you want to propose, and submit it by email to:

All proposals require the following elements:


SDS will notify you of the status of your proposal by early February 2022.

Access Copies and Accessible Materials

All presentations require advance submission of accessible materials (manuscripts, slides, outlines, etc.) for participants and use by the ASL interpreters and captioners. Access copies need to be submitted two weeks prior to the beginning of the conference. All documents, videos, and audio material must be submitted in accessible formats (SDS will send accessibility guidelines to presenters with conference acceptances).

* We will do our best to honor submission types as they are requested. We may, however, reach out to suggest another format.

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