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Phoenix 2016

Phoenix 2016 Conference: an Important Message from the SDS Board of Directors

To the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) Membership (and our allies everywhere):

It is with great regret, and an earnest sense of responsibility, that we, the Board of Directors of SDS, write to inform you that on Friday, February 19th, we took the difficult step of voting overwhelmingly (ten positive votes and one abstention) to cancel the 2016 SDS conference in Phoenix due to an ongoing and now extreme budgetary crisis.
We took this step based on the counsel of experts in the nonprofit world, and we will be working with these partners to try to ensure a viable future for the organization. Like you, we consider SDS to be a vital resource for disability studies in the U.S. and around the world.

We have no intention of dissolving the organization. We will keep you apprised of restructuring efforts and, in fact, are counting on your input and support. Regular updates will be forthcoming.

We are also actively investigating ways of creating a very low-cost virtual conference this year so that we can still come together online. At the very least we will be holding an online/virtual Annual Membership Meeting (stay tuned for details). Please contact us if you are interested and/or knowledgeable in this area.

Sincerely yours,
The Board of Directors of SDS:
Funmi Akinpelu
Juliann Anesi
Brenda Brueggemann
Mel Y. Chen
Ibby Grace
Helen Meekosha
Mallory Kay Nelson
Sami Schalk
Phil Smith
Joanne Woiak
Frank Wyman