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SDS Membership Categories, Dues, Donations, and Special Offers!

All Membership Categories have the same opportunities and obligations within SDS. Organizational Members are gratefully acknowledged by SDS and we will work with you to prominently display information about your work on a new page of our website to promote your activities.

All dues amounts are in United States dollars.

No one is denied membership in SDS owing to an inability to pay the established membership dues. Please contact SDS for an alternative payment option or a dues waiver with volunteer opportunities.

To update your profile, pay your dues, or change your membership status, click the link or button below. You will be directed to an external page that SDS uses to process payments and maintain membership details.


This is an overview of our 2021 Dues Structure

2021 Individual Dues 
Membership Category Dues People Included
Individual Professional $150.00 1
Individual Sustaining $225.00 1
Individual Lifetime $1,800 1
Individual Student/Retired/Low Income $40.00 1

Organization Memberships

2021 Organizational Dues 
Membership Category Dues People Included
Disability Studies Organization (Usually: 1 Professional; 4 Student) $500.00 5
2021 DS Organization Special 1: 2 Professional; 2 Student $500.00 4
2021 DS Organization Special 2: 1 Professional; 6 Student $500.00 7
2021 DS Organization Special 3: 10 students $500.00 10
Affiliate Organization (Negotiable)
Reasonable Operating Budget
$200.00 1
Affiliate Organization Limited Operating Budget $40.00 1
Sustaining Organization (Negotiable) (Usually: 5 Professional) $5,000.00 10
2021 Sustaining Organization Special 5: 20 Students $5,000.00 20
2021 Sustaining Organization Special 6: an Appropriate Mix of Professionals and Students $5,000.00 10-20

Professional Membership $150

This membership category is available for individuals who are working full-time, academic educators or researchers, artists, activists, practitioners, or other interested individuals engaged with disability studies or related fields.

Sustaining Membership $225

Professional Members who wish to support SDS by voluntarily increasing their Professional dues payment by 50% are designated as Sustaining Members and gratefully acknowledged by SDS.

Lifetime Membership $1,800

For a one or two-time contribution totaling $1,800, Lifetime Members can enjoy all the SDS individual membership benefits for the remainder of their lives. Lifetime Members are gratefully acknowledged by SDS. It's a great way to streamline yearly expenses and reimbursements for those in a position to do so. Lifetime memberships are a great way to support the organization.

Student/Low-Income Membership $40

This membership category is open to any person who qualifies under one or more of the following statuses: High School Student, Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Post-Doctoral Scholar, Retired, Underemployed, Low/Fixed Income, from the Global South, Post-Soviet Societies, and Indigenous Colonized Peoples.

Disability Studies Organizational Membership $500

All of the types of “Organizational Members” will be gratefully acknowledged and have space on our website. The category was designed for academic disability studies programs; however, it is broadly available to other nonprofit, state, or for-profit academic, research, or other interested institutions. It usually includes only one Professional Membership and up to four Student/Low-Income Memberships. For 2020, we have increased the offer to include as many as ten people. This is a great way for academic programs and advocacy organizations to support both their constituents (especially students) and SDS.

Affiliate Organization Membership $200, $40

This new category of group membership is open to any organization that wants to strengthen its connections to SDS, although they may not have the structure to sponsor individuals. For example, other disability studies or disability advocacy groups, research institutes, independent living centers, international groups, small disability industry entities, governmental entities. Affiliate Members designate one Member/Contact Person who has the same benefits as other Individual Members and the Affiliate Organization will be gratefully acknowledged and have space on our website. Suggested dues are $200 but this is negotiable according to your annual budget. Tiny groups or those with no significant budget may join for $40.

Corporate Membership $5,000

Groups with large budgets and the capacity to help sustain SDS may, this year only for a suggested donation of $5,000, negotiate bonus designated Sponsored Memberships for individuals in your group.


The SDS 2021 Giving Campaign invites contributions of any amount to our:

General Fund

The time is now! Please make a year-end contribution in any amount to the General Fund.

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) Fund

Support our premier open-access journal Disability Studies Quarterly.

Accommodations Fund (ASL/CART/other)

Support for providing ASL/CART/other accommodations for SDS participants.

Membership Subsidy Fund

If you would like to assist in sponsoring a student or low-income member who must opt for an alternative payment option, SDS welcomes your donation in any amount.