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All Society for Disability Studies Members who register for the SDS@OSU Conference may attend all Ohio State University Multiple Perspectives events at no extra cost.

SDS@OSU Theme: DEEP SIGH: (Re)Centering Activism, Healing, Radical Love, Emotional Connection and Breathing Spaces in Intersectional Communities. Read more about the theme and conference highlights on the information page.

Conference Dates: 4/17/2021 – 4/20/2021

 Important Dates:

11/15/20     Conference Registration is Open

11/30/20     Conference Abstracts Due

02/01/21     Conference Acceptances Go Out with Preliminary Program

03/22/21     Presenters’ Membership, Registration, Accommodation Requests Due

04/01/21     Final Program Announced

04/10/21     Final Accommodation Requests Due

Important Notes:

Organizational Members Registration:

SDS is particularly interested in supporting our Organizational Members, each of which may have a different number of Professional and Student Members. The Lead Organizational Members should think about their group and who they want included in their 2021 Membership renewal, and how many people from their program want to Present or attend the conference. Please then email Devva for group pricing. The most common will be one faculty at $120 and student Organizational Members at no cost.

Course Pack Registration:

In addition, as we did last year, any Teaching Member Registering for themselves can sponsor any number of their non-presenting students at a deep discount or for a complete fee waiver. Last year almost 100 students were introduced to SDS in this way. Several faculty used the conference as an extra credit or optional assignment in their classes. Plan now for your Spring classes. Write the Conference into your Syllabus Now. The most common will be one faculty at $120 and student Organizational Members at no cost. Please contact Devva at for the particulars.

Fee Rates:

  1. Professional Member (Conference Registration Only) – $120.
  2. Professional Member Covid Relief Rate (Conference Registration Only) – $60.
  3. New Professional International Member (2021 Year of Membership for $40 and Conference is) – $20.
  4. Student/Community/Retired/Low Income Member (Conference Only for Existing 2021 Members) – $10.
  5. New Student/Community/Low Income Member (2021 First Year of Membership for $40 and Conference is) – $0.
  6. Non-Member rate (Conference Only) – $200.
  7. Organizational Members email Devva as above for group pricing.
  8. Course Pack (for a Registering Member/Teacher to bring their students who are not members, please write Devva for options as described above.)
  9. Other Please write to Devva for any other pricing.



Registration Instructions

Please understand that SDS Membership and Registration are 2 separate but linked steps that may not always be completed at the same time and will produce several confirmation notices. With the exception of the simplest membership, approval of your membership is not automated. This is because of SDS’s commitment to not turning anyone away. SDS is willing to discount fees, allow people to pay by check, in installments, or grant request waivers. Registering for OSU Multiple Perspectives then becomes the 3rd action! Thank you in advance for your patience.

Step 1: Join or renew your SDS Membership

If you are already a 2021 paid or confirmed SDS member, skip to step 2 unless you need to update your profile. If you are not a 2021 SDS member (or a non-member contact in our database), you need to join or renew your Membership (or sign up in our database as a Corresponding Contact using the same links) before registering for the conference. Instructions on how to join or renew are located on the Membership page.
SDS Membership Form URL:

Step 2: Register for SDS@OSU using the SDS registration form

The registration link will ask you to login first. If it does not then immediately direct you to the registration, click on “EVENTS,” then click on the “REGISTER” button to the left. Or click “Show details…” on the right, then look on the lower left corner of this page for “REGISTER.”
SDS Registration URL:

Step 3: Register for the OSU Multiple Perspectives Conference for Monday and Tuesday

If you are an SDS Member who registered for SDS@OSU using the SDS registration steps above, there is no additional fee for Multiple Perspectives (MP). Choose the MP registration category “SDS Member also attending SDS@OSU Saturday and Sunday.” You must register for MP in order to get the zoom links for all the Monday and Tuesday SDS sessions as well as the concurrent OSU-organized sessions.
Multiple Perspectives Registration URL:

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