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Lifetime Members

The following people are lifetime members of the Society for Disability Studies. Check out our directory  (accessible only to members) to learn more about them.

Arendell, Telory

Blaser, Arthur

Brueggemann, Brenda

Brune, Jeffrey

Crosby, Christina

Ferris, Jim

Finger, Anne

Ghai, Anita

Goldin, Carol

Kafer, Alison

Kaysen, Jesse

Kudlick, Catherine

Kuppers, Petra

McClennen, Anna

McClennen, Sandra

Murfee-DeConcini, Keith

Nakamura, Karen

Oswal, Sushil K.

Rose, Lynn

Smalley, Caroline

Stolz, Suzanne

Thornton, Melanie

Titchkosky, Tanya

Torrijos, Manny

West, Maureen

Wheeler, Elizabeth

Woiak, Joanne

Wyman, Frank

Yoshida, Karen


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