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Dear Membership,

I am very pleased to announce that three new members were elected to the 2017-18 SDS Board of Directors, to serve 3-year terms.

They are:
Liz Lewis
Ryan Parrey
Sandy Sufian

Congratulations to you, and welcome to the Board of Directors!
Phil Smith
Board of Directors, Chair
Society for Disability Studies

5:00-6:30PM Eastern Time (ET)

Dear Members of SDS,

The Society for Disability Studies Board of Directors cordially invites you to this year’s virtual Membership Meeting (huge thanks to Scott Lissner and Ohio State University for making the technology possible). The meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm ET. The Board will provide updates about our financial situation, activities over the past year, and plans for the upcoming year or two. Live-streamed CART services will be provided.

You must sign up (including email) beforehand to attend this meeting. The deadline to sign up is June 8, 11pm ET. Please do so here.
URL for Google spreadsheet to sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMwRLPEOue6PiX6fYe2vL6cWGGn0eqaHHCCVyQ37k8Q/edit#gid=0.

Once you have signed up to be at this virtual meeting, you will receive instructions by email for how to connect into it. We will also check to see if your Membership is current and let you know if it is not.

We look forward to your ideas, thoughts, questions, and comments.


Devva Kasnitz, PhD
Executive Director
Society for Disability Studies

Executive Office has Moved!

As of July 2016, the SDS Executive Office has relocated to Eureka, CA.

New contact information is:
SDS Executive Office
PO Box 5570
Eureka, CA 95502
Skype: devva.kasnitz
Please open Chat with Skype.
Text, Voicemail: 510-206-5767
Please use email, chat, text, or voicemail
email: sds (at) disstudies (dot) org

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Society for Disability Studies, membership, and the annual conference. Your inquiry will be addressed in the order it is received; please be patient as we attempt to respond to questions in the best way we can.

Announcing the Society for Disability Studies Speaker & Performer Roster

We invite members to become one of the first SDS Speakers & Performers on our new roster.

In efforts to gather together a robust list of people who often (more than once a year) speak or perform on disability or disability studies related topics —and to further creative ways to also support the Society for Disability Studies—we have created the SDS Speakers and Performers Roster (SDS-SPR).

Many other organizations—academic, corporate, public—have similar speaker’s “bureaus” that promote certain speakers for certain topics. Rather than promote certain speakers, we would like to be able to offer a more comprehensive and equitable “roster” that would then also demonstrate the vibrant and robust work that people are doing “on the ground” in our field, Disability Studies. We imagine that organizations and universities who are looking for good disability/disability studies speakers or performers to fit their own programming needs and goals might then be able to make use of the SDS-SPR—and too, that many of us working in these fields might have a further resource that lets us know the new and ongoing work of our colleagues.

Click link for more information about the SDS Speaker & Performer Roster.