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Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) is the journal of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS). It is a multidisciplinary and international journal of interest to social scientists, scholars in the humanities, disability rights advocates, creative writers, and others concerned with the issues of people with disabilities. It represents the full range of methods, epistemologies, perspectives, and content that the multidisciplinary field of disability studies embraces. DSQ is committed to developing theoretical and practical knowledge about disability and to promoting the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society (ISSN: 1041-5718; eISSN: 2159-8371).

Great News From Disability Studies Quarterly

Dear Members and Friends of SDS:



We wanted to share with you all some good news! After a careful, widespread international search, the SDS Board of Directors have appointed new Co-Editors-in-Chief for our flagship journal, Disability Studies Quarterly. Please join me in welcoming Donald Grushkin and Jeff Brune. We appreciate your patience through this process, especially those of you who have had work in the publication pipeline or under review as we made this transition. At this point, the journal is back up and running and will soon be functioning at full capacity. Please let Drs. Grushkin and Brune know if you have any questions at the new DSQ email address: The SDS Board is eager to see them implement their vision for the Journal. We believe that you will be excited about DSQ’s journey as it continues to support innovative and critical approaches to Disability Studies.



The SDS Board would like to thank DSQ’s outgoing Editorial Assistant, Kelsey Henry, who stepped in to shepherd the journal during the time between the departure of the former editors and the onboarding of the new team. Her work during these past months has been absolutely critical to the continuation of DSQ.



Below, we would like to share brief bios for all three of these individuals, so you–as members and friends of SDS–have some familiarity with the the backgrounds and perspectives of the folks that have worked or will be working to maintain DSQ’s status as a premier venue for Disability Studies research.



Dr. Jeff Brune is an Associate Professor of History at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. He is the co-editor, with Daniel J. Wilson, of Disability and Passing: Blurring the Lines of Identity. He is now working on a history of the fear of welfare fraud in nineteenth-century American political culture and the intersection of disability, race, and gender in welfare discourse. He has also published in African American Review and in Disability Studies Quarterly, where he edited a forum about the legacy of Erving Goffman’s Stigma. He has received a yearlong residential research fellowship at the Center on Human Policy, Law, and Disability Studies at Syracuse University and a Priority Grant from the Gallaudet Research Institute. Jeff loves the work of editing and is excited about collaborating with other scholars while working for DSQ.



Dr. Donald Grushkin is a professor of Deaf Studies at the California State University – Sacramento. He earned his doctorate at the University of Arizona with a degree in Language, Reading and Culture. He has published on Deaf culture and community, including topics centering around literacy, Deafhood, hard of hearing people and signed language linguistics. Donald engages in social media, having been a vlogger under his website, Dr. DonG’s Deafhood Discourses as well as YouTube, and currently is active both on Facebook, and as a writer on Quora, where he answers questions on Deaf culture and signed language linguistics. Donald is also the proud co-editor of Deaf Empowerment: Resistance and Decolonization



Kelsey Henry is a PhD Candidate in American Studies at Yale University, where she received an MA in the History of Science and Medicine and is pursuing a graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her dissertation follows the enduring legacies of nineteenth-century scientific metrics of human development and racial difference and their effects on the epistemological and ethical parameters of twentieth-century child development research. Her research has received funding from the Institute for Citizens and Scholars, the Mellon Foundation, the Consortium for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Yale’s Emerging Scholars Fellowship, and the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. Kelsey served as the Assistant Editor of Disability Studies Quarterly from Fall 2020 – Spring 2023 and co-hosts the Disability History Association Podcast. Her work has been published in Gender & History and The Point magazine. Kelsey is currently guest editing a special issue of Disability Studies Quarterly on racial histories of disability, forthcoming in Fall 2023. 



Please join us in welcoming Donald and Jeff onboard, and in thanking Kelsey and the previous editors for all of their work to support DSQ. 



Thank you all for your continued support of SDS and DSQ.





Board of Directors

Society for Disability Studies

DSQ is Seeking a New Editor-In Chief

Dear Members of Society for Disability Studies and the Disability Studies Community:


SDS is currently going through a number of major transitions and, chief among them, is a transition of editorial leadership at the field’s flagship journal, Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ).  


Over the summer, the current editorial team, which had been serving in this capacity since 2018 with a term of three to five years, tendered their resignation and the SDS Board of Directors accepted it.  As stated in their contract, this resignation took full effect after 90 days, which was the beginning of November.  As such, there is currently no Editor-in-Chief of the journal and SDS recognizes that the resulting delay in publication of new DSQ issues is non-ideal and we ask for your patience as we seek a new Editor to lead the  journal.


Of course, let us begin by asking you to please join us in thanking the outgoing Co-Editors-in-Chief Elizabeth Brewer and Brenda Brueggemann and Assistant Editor Kelsey Henry for the outstanding work they have done shepherding DSQ through one of the most tumultuous periods in modern history and maintaining its status as the premier source of top quality scholarship in Disability Studies. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for the enormous contribution they made to the field with this work.


This  means that we must now find someone to step into their very large shoes and continue stewarding DSQ as a leading journal. To that end, please see the attached Call for Applications to be the next Editor of Disability Studies Quarterly. We are eager to identify this person or these people quickly, so that the transition can proceed smoothly and there is minimal interruption in the process of publishing DSQ.  To that end, we will begin considering candidates on January 23, 2023.  We look forward to receiving your application materials and are happy to answer any questions you may have about this process.




The SDS Board of Directors

Past Editorial Teams


Dr. Elizabeth Drewer Olson

Central Connecticut State University


Dr. Brenda Jo Brueggemann

University of Connecticut


Kelsey Henry

Assistant Editor


Dr. Kim E. Nielsen, University of Toledo


Dr. Allyson Day, University of Toledo


Michael Rembis


Tanja Aho


Bruce Henderson


Noam Ostrander


Brenda Brueggemann


Scot Danforth


Brenda Brueggemann


Stephen Kuusisto


Scot Danforth


Beth Haller


Corinne Kirchner


David Pfeiffer


Beth Haller


Janet Boudreau


Irv Zola


Natalie Allon


Margaret Zahn


Melanie Schlosser, Ohio State University Libraries
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