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Administrative Manager

Nell Koneczny

admin (at) sds (dot) org


Website Coordinator

Griffin Zimmerman

Griffin Zimmerman (they/them) is a white, trans, Autistic and neuroqueer, multiply-disabled individual who is a Ph.D student in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Arizona. Griffin's doctoral research draws from black feminism, queer and trans studies, and intersectional theory to focus on pedagogies of access and inclusion for neurodiverse students in the writing classroom. As an emerging professional and scholar, Griffin is deeply committed to ideas of mutual aid networks, democratizing knowledge, and ensuring that academic discourse is inclusive of and driven by community voices. Alongside their studies, Griffin practices education and co-authorship in the neurodiversity movement on Tiktok under the handle @flaggingneuroqueer and is building an anti-capitalist artists' collective for queer and disabled artists at

Image Description: Griffin is seen from the shoulders up in masculine presentation, posed smiling with a blue hat, curly short hair, glasses, and a casual blue and green floral print button down shirt.